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Recharge Your Life : Holistic Self Healing for Career Driven Professionals  and New Career Avenue

Holistic Self-healing is an Energy Enhancement Technique for young professionals that improve
Enhances Body-Mind Connection
Improves Energy Balance and Vitality
Reduces Stress and Improves Emotional Self Being
Energise and empower you to become self-healers
Many people are benefitting from this healing technique.
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Self-Healing Through Energy Mastery: Guide  for Career Driven Professionals

Drugless Energy System
Basics of Energy System
5 Elements system
Body meridians
Energy and You
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Holistic Healing Techniques
Common Ailments
Body Systems
Relation of Qi with Body elements
Connecting the Energy systems with Body Systems
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Balancing the Mind and Body
Mindful you
Mind-Body Connection
Mind-Body Techniques
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Reducing Stress
Restoring inner peace
Empowering the warrior within.
Improving peace within using Energy techniques
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Harmonising Emotional Well Being
Emotion releasing techniques
Emotion and Energy relations and connection
Clearing of Energy Blockage and other techniques
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Nourishing the Mind
using Relaxation Techniques
Discovering oneself
Clarity and purpose in life
Food and Nutrition for Mind and thought
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Maithili Janye

I am Maithili Janye, Magical Energy Transformation Healer and Coach .I believe if you manifest Abundance in 4 areas of life, you will have good health, abundance of wealth, healthy relationship and a dream career

I am on a mission to  Heal 10,000  career  based Professionals to regain their Vitality   using Holistic healing Techniques  and make them self reliant and help them lead a Prosperous, Healthy, Wealthy, Contented and Spiritual Lifestyle .


Maithili is  very warm, energetic and wise coach .She has a wonderful product that can address health issues for me and my family .I really appreciate her meditation and calming techniques. The course she has offered is very enriching .Her webinar too was empowering and impactful .

Mr Chaitanya Gundi
Data Analytics , Bangalore

Maithili Helped introduce me to my own energy .She is an excellent healer  who can help you overcome your health issues by empowering you with your own energy  and also help to deal with Emotional turmoil. Her Tonality and own energy is bursting to that extent that it speaks volume.

Mrs Mansi Sheth

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About Divine Heal Health

At Divine Heal Health, we believe in the power of holistic healing, embracing natural powerful remedies created by universe , energy healing techniques which are easy to do and mindfulness practices to restore balance and vitality in your life."